Human Plants 2017


[Plants and their p(l)owers]

Plants and their p(l)owers
propagate beyond the ground
dig stakes in the planet
spit on this planet
implode their nerves in the ground.

Plants and their p(l)owers
don’t unite plans to pluto
its astral influence lives in the trees
they are plants-wastelands
indigenous-plants turned-on-plants
establish sap toboggans
in the persistent back of the horse-soil.

Their veins are against the state
their anti-political fictions
their fruits roots of yes and no
self-scenic auto-transgenic
the foliage of the plants
for some time they’ve acted
in the rearguard of the negotiation

they’re a language virus
verdant and voracious
weedy certainty
of the spreading moss
without a radiating center
of expression.

it would be a lie to find in plants
a new excuse for reason
because plants and their p(l)owers
are intransigent beings
of expression
will never be people
unless people become entities
and never will be close
if we won’t lower ourselves to the ground.

Translation: Tiffany Higgings




Written by: Rita Natálio
Print by: (não) edições
ISBN: 978-989-99677-8-6

1st edition: September 2017