Fossil 2020

The figure of the zombie was central to our understanding of capitalism and the concept of biopolitics in the 20th century. The figure of the fossil — extracted from the Earth having accumulated time or history — invites us to think about the generalised crisis that many people call the Anthropocene. This performance makes a fossil of contemporary extractivism and reflects on how geology and processes that occur inside the Earth are inscribed in human history.
Fóssil [Fossil] is a book and a performance where language takes on different scales and exposes itself to sabotage. Fóssil is accompanied in the space by a series by works by visual artist Hugo Canoilas, resulting from a version of the performance created for the finissage of “Antes do Início e Depois do Fim”, curated by Sara António Matos and Pedro Faro at Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar.
There performances are followed by conversations (in Portuguese only) with João Prates Ruivo, Greve Limática Estudantil, and Climáximo.

Fossil Rita Natalio Alkantara8
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Fossil Rita Natalio Alkantara3
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Fossil Rita Natalio Alkantara2
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Concept and text: Rita Natálio Sound Rui Antunes
Painting, menhir, and sculpture: Hugo Canoilas
Text References: Elizabeth Povinelli, Katryn Yussof, Karen Pinkus, Malcolm Ferdinand Miguel Rego, Jornal Mapa
Artistic assistance: João dos Santos Martins
Translated by: Tiffany Higgins
Rehearsal spaces and arts residencies: MDance, Espaço Alkantara, Estúdios Victor Cordon, PENHASCO
With the support of: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


Rita Natálio
Mostra Braba / Espaço Alkantara
Rita Natálio
Atos de Fala / Teatro do Bairro Alto / online


Rita Natálio
Terra Batida /Festival Alkantara / Teatro Municipal São Luiz, Lisbon, Portugal
Rita Natálio
Finissage Exhibition "Antes do Início e Depois do Fim" / Atelier Museu Júlio Pomar, Lisbon, Portugal