Dec Anthropocene effect: aesthetic-political imaginations, December 18. Online Seminar “Anthropocene: Transdisciplinary Approaches” – University of São Paulo.


* Seminar Art and Nature”, PACAP 4, Forum Dança “Art and Nature”,


* Ecofeminism, women and ecology, Lisbon, Assembleia da Répública, 10th March


* Convenor at “Re-politicizing the Anthropoce” seminar with David Scarso and Elizabeth Johnson- Anthropocene Campus Lisboa  / Culturgest – January 6 – 11 2020



* Forum of the Future, 4th of November 2019, Rivoli, Port – with Sónia Guajajara and Ernesto Neto –

The activist Sônia Guajajara is from the Guajajara /Tentehar, based in the forests of the Arariboia indigenous land, in the state of Maranhão, Brazil. The daughter of illiterate parents, she has a BA Hons degree in Literature and Nursing and a postgraduate degree in Special Education from the State University of Maranhão. She began her indigenous and environmental activism as a young woman and soon gained international prominence for her struggle to defend indigenous people’s rights. Guajajara has a voice in the UN Human Rights Council and has led complaints to the World Climate Conferences (COP) and the European Parliament, among other international bodies. She has received numerous awards, including the Order of Cultural Merit Award from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, presented in 2015 by then-president Dilma Rousseff.


* Seminar “Indigenous Epistemologies and Artistic Imagination”  – University of Barcelona/MACBA : October 24-25th


* “Anthropocene Effect and Biocentrism – Indigenous film in Brazil” –   VII Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia – June 4 – 7 , 2019, FCSH-NOVA-Lisbon

* “Is it time to attempt anarchy? (about collective improvisation)” 

This conversation on dance as political laboratory brings together anthropologist Rita Natálio and Romain Bigé, co-curator of the exhibition Drafting Interior Techniques  about Steve Paxton.



* “Animism, Climate Change and Extinction – film and lecture-performance practice”, April 13th 2019 – Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art and Visual Cultures

This one-day international conference, part of EcoFutures programme, brings together artists, theorists and activists to cover topics ranging from non-human ethics to ecosexuality. Invited guests include Gaia Giuliani, João Florencio and Silvia Federici. Artworks by Wangechi Mutu, Adelita Husni-Bey and Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle will be screened for this occasion.

EcoFutures Guide…


* “Animism, climate change and extinction” –  conference at “Art, Materiality, Representation” event,  Royal Anthropology Institute em Londres,  June 1 – 3 2018


Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art and Visual Cultures, 2019 @Luciana Denicola
Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art and Visual Cultures, 2019 @Luciana Denicola
Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art and Visual Cultures, 2019 @Luciana Denicola
Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art and Visual Cultures, 2019 @Luciana Denicola
forum do futuro rita natalio parasita
Forum of the future 2019