Amerindian Film 2019

Public Screening – Calouste Gulbenkian Museum  

Brazil’s indigenous cinematic production has contributed decisively to the emergence of new tools for indigenous knowledge and their intervention in the world. The idea for holding this film screening in Portugal arose from the interest of a group of researchers, cultural programmers and activists in developing a deeper knowledge of the contribution made to contemporary society by Amerindian cinema and thought, especially that of Brazil’s indigenous peoples.

Conceived as a collaborative venture with entities engaged in the production and dissemination of these films in Brazil, such as the Mostra Aldeia SP, the Amerindian Film Screening offers multiple experiences that lead us away from the conventional modes of seeing and understanding cinema.

The presence of four indigenous film-makers, Zezinho Yube, Maria Dalva Manduca Mateus Kaxinawá (Ayani), Patrícia Ferreira, Alberto Álvares, for the first time ever, as well as the participation of the curator and activist Ailton Krenak as well as the artist and activist Daira Tukano, contributes a unique engagement with spectators.

The Film Screening will also include a series of dialogues and debates that serves as a further medium of knowledge transfer about Amerindian peoples, their cinema, world-views and contemporary struggles.





Curators: Ailton Krenak, Ana Carvalho, Miguel Ribeiro, , Rita Natálio, Rodrigo Lacerda, Thais Brito, Vincent Carelli
Production: Calouste Gulbenkian Museum | Apordoc/DocLisboa | CHAM | CRIA | ICS | IHA


Ailton Krenak, Alberto Alvares, Rita Natalio, Patrícia Ferreira, Rodrigo Lacerda, Pedro Cardim, Susana Matos Viegas, Zezinho Yube, Ayani Huni Kuin, Miguel Ribeiro, Fred Maia
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum - Lisbon