© Loredana Denicola

Performance artist and researcher.  Non-binary lesbian. Natalio is currently preparing a double doctorate in Art Studies and Anthropology with an FCT scholarship, with a focus on the Anthropocene and perceptions of humanity-nature. Natalio works primarily with poetry, dramaturgy and performance, and is presently involved with the creation of a series of lecture-performances (“Anthroposcenes” 2017, “Geophagy” 2018, “Fossil” 2020) that are directly linked to her research on climate change and art practice. Natalio holds a BA in Choreographic Arts (University Paris VIII) and a MA in Contemporary Culture, and has also published two poetry books, Handicraft (2015) and Human plants (2017). Together with André e.Teodósio, Rita is co-editor of a Portugal-based publishing project, Ed. __________, which is dedicated to the performing arts and a broader range of aesthetic and political studies. In 2019, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon, Rita co-organised a showing of Amerindian cinema with indigenous filmmakers and curators, along with a collective platform of researchers and activists from Portugal.

Networks and residences:

Writer and web manager for the EU project Departures and Arrivals Network between 2011 and 2018 . This network was collaboration between 13 European institutions. The project was initiated by PARTS, the school for contemporary dance based in Brussels, Belgium. [DNA] was active from October 2014 until September 2018. It is the heir of the network Départs, which was active between 2001 and 2014.

Treffen Total 2016 and Treffen Total 2018 was a unique four weeklong artist get together made available to 24 participants from Hamburg and all over the world. Together they will commit to collective artistic practices and formats as well as different forms of presentation at K3- Centre for Choreography  | Danceplan Hamburg. The project focuses on the first encounters between the artists, the development of complex common questions and the experimenting with different possibilities of presentation.

Sweet and Tender Collaborations – began as a grass-roots initiative from a group of participants in the 2006 DanceWEB program at ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. Over the next year, it launched a variety of small projects in Portugal, Greece, Serbia, and Germany