During this period of unpredictability on the possibilities of realisation of performances and rehearsals, Parasita launches a grant for independent artists of the performing arts to convert their creative work into time for analysis, organisation and cataloguing of their personal archives. Focusing on the documentation of their paths, this exercise also serves as a work of self-reflection of the artist about their practices and the context in which they are enrolled, enhancing future ways of sharing.

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Acauã EL_Bandide Sereya

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© Acauã EL_Bandide Sereya

35 anos (Brésil- Portugal). Culrégraphe, professora  et pós-pornographic. Née à Fortaleza, raised by teachers women et par son grand-père artisan. Diplômée en Théâtre par l’IFCE (2009), en Danse par le Curso Técnico em Dança (2012), and held PACAP3 in performing arts au Fórum Dança (2019). Elle explore le between des interactions et utilise la “Gambiarra” pour pesquisar as possíveis imagens of Democracy sobre os corpos de performatividade “Cuir” (queer).  They try to reposition languages par la vulnérabilité, la confusion, o sonho,  le nightmare, o sutil e a obscene. Actuellement exécute le Master em Dança EXERCE no ICI Institut Chorégrafique International CCN Montepellier/França.

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Carlota Lagido

Margarida Dias

© Margarida Dias

She worked with Meg Stuart, Joana Providencia, Rui Horta, Mark Haim in the early 1990s. Since then and for 20 years he danced in the most emblematic pieces of Francisco Camacho, highlighting Don São Sebastião and Gust. Her work as a choreographer and performer has multidisciplinary characteristics. She deals with issues of identity and self-biographical contexts. She highlights her pieces – notforgetnotforgive, ro.ger, 50 tons and Jungle Red. Parallel to her activity as a dancer and choreographer, she is a costume designer and has worked with several contemporary choreographers and directors since 1988. She has a post-graduate degree in scene design from ESTC. She directs choreographic creation and stage design laboratories. She wants to be a photographer, filmmaker and farmer.

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Elizabete Francisca

@kino Sousa

@ Kino Sousa

Elizabete Francisca graduated in Industrial Design (ESAD-CR), and studied at Fórum Dança (PEPCC) and at Lisbon’s Superior Dance School (Escola Superior de Dança). She has worked as a performer and creator in the field of performance arts since 2009. Notable artists she worked with, among others, are Vera Mantero, Loic Touzé, Tânia Carvalho, Mark Tompkins, Meg Stuart, Ana Borralho & João Galante, Mariana T. Barros, Vânia Rovisco, André Guedes, Rita Natálio, Tonan Quito and Carlos Manuel Oliveira. She created the dance duets “Take the hand and I’ll take the arm” and “No waiting for wonder” in collaboration with Teresa Silva; and the dance solo “TSUNAMISM, recital for two strings in M”. She held a leading role in Marília Rocha’s full-length “A Cidade Onde Envelheço / Where I Grow Old”, and was awarded Best Actress at Brasilia’s Festival de Cinema. As an artist she is supported by Vera Mantero’s structure O Rumo do Fumo.

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