PARASITA is the name of the nonprofit Association created in 2014, founded in the municipality of Santarém, the activity of which translates into the production and realization of artistic objects and cultural events where experimentation and critical discourse are privileged through research proposals where processes and products interact without distinction. In 2023, with the opening of Espaço Parasita, in Parque das Nações, it has changed its headquarters to Lisbon.

Today, PARASITA works as an association of artists who share resources and objectives to meet the characteristics of a professional environment in which dance is becoming more and more a fluid support — crossed by practical and theoretical studies, expanded practices, and discussions about boundaries between doing and curating —, to problematize the cultural responsibility of artists and related agents. Designed as an artistic structure, made by artists and for artists, PARASITA is currently composed by Ana Rita Teodoro, Carlos Manuel Oliveira, João dos Santos Martins and Rita Natálio, Sofia Lopes in production and Lysandra Domingues in administration.

PARASITA is funded by the Republic of Portugal – Ministry of Culture / General-Directorate for the Arts, during 2023-2024.

PARASITA is a member of REDE – Association of Structures for Contemporary Dance, since 2019.

PARASITA rejects any act of discrimination based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, social class, disability, or neurodiversity.