#dancewithsomebody, 2016

On a summer night in 2012, in Seoul, I went to a disco in the Gangnam neighbourhood and I came across a random group of people dancing as if it had been previously choreographed. The movement seemed to transmute and merge between the bodies without clear point of initiation, while changing the overall dynamics of the room. It was as if the choreography was happening regardless of the agency of the people gathered there, in a relationship of becoming due to being moved by something exterior to them. The social apparatus of the situation was no more curious than the process that allowed its appearance: choreographic principles that go through improvisation, copying and reproduction, and that are part of any working process, or even a certain ontology of dance practice.

This formulation marks the meeting place where, by invitation of the Walk & Talk, I propose to collaborate with the collective 37.25 – Núcleo de Artes Performativas. A meeting between two distinct beings which presupposes a cannibalistic expression of labour. For whatever may come. João dos Santos Martins, March 2016.

© milton pereira

© Milton Pereira


Choreography: João dos Santos Martins
Dance: 37.25 - Núcleo de Artes Performativas
Piano: Simão Costa
Co-production: Walk&Talk, Teatro Micaelense
Residency support: Escola EBI Roberto Ivens
Commisioned by: Walk&Talk 2016


JSM + 37.25
João dos Santos Martins
Walk&Talk 2016 / Teatro Micaelense, São Miguel, Azores