© Susana Chicó

Choreographer, performer and researcher.

Holds a Doctoral Degree from the UT Austin|Portugal Program with the thesis “Choreographic Objects: Abstractions, Transductions, Expressions” (2016) and a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Dance: Context and Choreography from the Berlin University of the Arts (2010). Has attended the Interdisciplinary Performing Arts Course from the Gulbenkian Foundation (2008), the Artistic Research and Scientific Creativity Course from the AND_Lab (2011), both in Lisbon, and the Artistic Practices Symposium from the Mezzanine Association (2017), in Porto. Was associated researcher at the Colab UT Austin | Portugal (2010-2011), at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (2013–2014) and at the Linguistics Research Center from the New University of Lisbon (2010–2016). At this university, he’s currently integrated researcher at the Performance and Cognition Research Group. Was national coordinator of INATEL’s theater sector (2015), artistic director at the New Circus of Ribatejo (2004 – 2007), adjunct professor of Media Studies at Lisbon’s Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Technologies (2015 – 2016) and adjunct professor of Body and Movement at the School for Theater and Cinema from the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (2019-2020). Has published texts such as: “Nexus at the Limits of Possibility” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016), “Digital Choreographies: Problems and Potentialities” (Interact, 2018), “Choreographic Transductions Across Media” (Sinais de Cena, 2020), “Genealogies of dance as artistic practice in Portugal” (Universidade of Coimbra Press, 2020) and “Around the definition of gesture in digital representations of the dancing body” (Rabbit Hole and Montanha, 2021). Has created his own choreographic work, comprising the recent productions “of disconcert, on the one hand / of adventure, on the other” (2017), “Propositions” (2018), “I’ll create only what I cannot imagine” (2019) and “Fátuo” (2021). Founded the Associations COTÃO (2006) and Apneia Colectiva (2019), aside from also being an associated artist of Parasita Association since 2019. Has been studying and practicing Klein Technique since 2007, amongst a diversity of other practical approaches to the body and movement.